Brief history


Born in Belgium, Soulforge Studios was launched in 2016, first under the name Vidock Studios. It has since then collaborated with amazing studios around the world. Our team is composed of skilled artists and supported by our network of trusted character artists, each with their vast experience that allowed us to help multiple companies with their project. Our vision is to craft the most astonishing art for all storytellers.


We are Soulforge(rs)

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Guillaume Depaepe 
3D Character Artist


Léa Hotton 
3D Character Artist

As a remote company, our work environment setup allows us to attract and retain top talent. We have cultivated a close-knit network of highly talented character artists and freelancers who are integral members of our team. We use the latest technologies and tools to facilitate communication, ensuring that our team is always connected, working efficiently and safely.

By leveraging their creativity and passion, we successfully tackle varying workloads while maintaining a high standard of artistic quality. 

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