Looking for a boost to your character art production ? Here is how we can help


3D Character and Creatures

Our skilled artists craft appealing 3D characters and creatures, prioritizing aesthetics and functionality through expertise in anatomy, proportions, and optimization. We collaborate closely to select the best texturing techniques, ensuring unique, optimized models that resonate with your audience.

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3D Weapons and Props

We offer 3D modeling of weaponry and character props with seamless alignment to your project. We understand the significance of these accessories in elevating the storytelling and gameplay experience, and we meticulously design them. From futuristic blasters to historic swords, our 3D modeling expertise brings these essential components in action.

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Look Development

Exploring the translation of ideas or concepts into the 3D realm is a passion of our team. We meticulously document specifications and tools for seamless workflow preparation. From conceptualization to execution, we bring your creative dreams to reality with utmost dedication.

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3D Printing

Unlock your designs' potential with our expertise in creating epic collectibles. We collaborate closely to guide our character artists in crafting detailed and dynamic characters, optimized for seamless 3D printing. We utilize cutting-edge tools for visually stunning collectibles tailored for smooth printing.

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